Reunion 2001 Photos

Pictures and comments provided by Allie Ryan

Here we have the effervescent Miss Kayla Gardner, the youngest guest. Miss Gardner was truely the "Spirit of Chicago".

Here is pretty, perky, petite Kayla Gardner. This young lady was the life of thism or indeed any, party.

Our Genial hosts, Gene and Teri Kwasny

Fred Reid and his strolling guitar. Or should that be strolling Fred -- anyway it's Fred.

First Timers:

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Ross

First Timers:

Lawrence and Millicent Van Fossen

Then and Now

As at any reunion, one is often struck by the changes wrought by the passing of half a century. The pictures here apparently denote a serious conversion from the All-American youngster of 1944 to the 2001 version. I can probably get sued for this but if you think you are viewing Jim Weber, you are probably right.

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